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Main Screen

AutoScript Main screen let you adjust cropping, Background Extraction, splits channels for noise reduction and merges back into one image. It scans the images for best mix of colours.

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Hubble Pallet

Hubble pallet option is run after AutoScript, and sets up colours for hubble pallet using narrow band images. You need to run the other 2 scripts to complete the process.

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Cygnus Loop

You only need Ha and Oiii filters for Cygnus Loop Nebula and the script will scan the images for the correct pallet.

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RGB filter Images

If you take 3 filter images RGB then the script will merge them together and make a colour image.

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DSLR images

When processing DSLR images, AutoScript will split into RGB and light images for noise reduction for a final smoother image.

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Pallet Mode

The pallet mode loads the default setting for each pallet option and lets you preview the colours as you adjust the curves for your own choice.

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